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To simplify your production process, NPC offers to blend color concentrates with specified additives needed in the final product. This service allows you to blend fewer compounds with the base resin. Examples of such additives include:

UV Stabilizers
Protects the base resin from the effects of sunlight, which extends the life of your final product.

Protects the base resin from the effects of processing.

Anti-Static Agents
Helps eliminate the development of a static charge in processing and in the final product. Anti-Static Agents are commonly used to increase the shelf life of many consumer products.

Slip Agents­ Oleamide/Erucamide
An internal lubricant that blooms to the surface, providing the necessary lubricity to reduce friction and thereby improving the slip characteristics. Film products typically use slip agents.

Anti-Blocking Agents ­ Silica & Treated Talcs
This agent modifies the surface of a product to prevent it from sticking to itself or another surface. Film products commonly use anti-blocking agents.

Flame Retardant
Reduces the flammability of the final product. This additive is commonly used, for example, in aircraft parts.

Processing Aids
There are additives that you may desire in your raw material, that we can include to aid in the processing of your products. An example might be calcium stearate, which is used as an internal lubricant. Other examples are zinc stearate and polyethylene wax.